tryouts are august 15th-17th

What you will need:

-A completed registration-

You CAN NOT participate in tryouts without registering!

You will need a current physical in order to register for fall sports.

-Athletic wear/kneepads-

-The following information-

*Student's phone, email and address*

*Parent/Guardian's phone, email and address*

What to expect:

  • Athletes will be evaluated on basic fundamentals and skills, basic physical condition, teamwork, game knowledge, coachability and attitude.

  • Tryouts will begin with a physical assessment including a shuttle, height/reach measurements, vertical jump measurements, etc.

  • This will be followed by an evaluation of each player's individual skills - i.e. passing, serve receive, serving, hitting, setting.

  • We will end tryouts with game play and positional evaluations.

  • All players' results will be given on Wednesday, August 18th in person by the coaching staff.

  • Typically, there are 5 teams formed at tryouts. Varsity, JV, B Squad, 9A, and 9B. These will have anywhere from 10-12 players per team. We try not exceed 12 per team to allow for enough playing time for each player we assign to a team.